'Dead Calm' Meets 'Open Water' in 'Siren' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Dead Calm’ Meets ‘Open Water’ in ‘Siren’



We caught wind of a new thriller where a weekend retreat turns into terror. Said to be a cross between The Descent, Open Water and Dead Calm, below you’ll find the sales art and trailer for Andrew Hulls’ Siren, which looks pretty badass. Escaping the city for a weekend away, company man, Ken, and his girlfriend, Rachel, meet up with an old friend, the worldly and exotic Marco. Their plan is simple – tour the local coast for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. Things hit a snag when Marco spots a beautiful young girl, the sultry and seductive Silka, waving for help off the shore of one of the many secluded islands. But if anyone needs help now, it’s them…


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