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Exclusive Sneak Peak At Hardcover Edition Of ‘Crawl To Me’



This past year, Alan Robert delivered one of the most highly acclaimed horror stories of the year, Crawl To Me, and it’s about to be released as a limited edition hardcover just in time for San Diego Comic Con. Crawl to Me: Evil Edgar Edition will be filled with all sorts of extra goodies for you all to drool over, including excerpts from the original script, character sketches, and a gallery of additional artwork from Menton3, David Lupton, and Alan Robert. Crawl To Me is a beautifully haunting story, that will send serious shivers down your spine in the way that it depicts real world horrors. BD has an exclusive look at the extra content from the hardcover edition that you can check out after the break along with some extra details on the book and the film adaptation. Read on for the skinny…

crawltomehard1 Crawl To Me (review here , interview here ) is a gritty and heartfelt story that showcases the horrors of that exist in our everyday world. It follows the story of Ryan, as he moves into a new home that turns out to be more sinister than he could ever have imagined. Ryan struggles to keep his wife and newborn baby safe from whatever is lurking in the crawl space in the basement. The book will twist you around into knots and turn your head around so many times that when you reach the shocking conclusion, you’ll immediately feel the need to read it again. This is a book that every horror fan needs to read.

In other news, BD recently announced that the Saw cinematographer, David A. Armstrong, is to direct the film adaptation. Robert is currently in talks with a pair of screenwriters to write the adaptation. Stay tuned for more details.

Crawl to Me quickly became one of the most critically acclaimed horror titles of 2011 and was voted “Best Mini-Series of the Year” by fans on ComicMonsters.com. The gritty, gut-wrenching tale returns with this special hardcover Evil Edgar Edition. Complete with a never-before-seen art gallery by creator, Alan Robert (of the hard-rock band Life of Agony), an introduction written by the legendary Walter Simonson (The Mighty Thor), and a disturbing painted cover by Menton3 (Monocyte), readers will gain even more insight into the mystery of Crawl To Me’s jaw dropping twist ending.

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