[Exclusive] Rob Chappers (A.K.A. The Monkey Lord) Talks New Band Dorje - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Rob Chappers (A.K.A. The Monkey Lord) Talks New Band Dorje




YouTube guitar guru Rob Chappers (a.k.a. The Monkey Lord) has recently announced the formation of a new band entitled Dorje,which features three members of the recently broken up band Chasinjade. Bloody-Disgusting Music has gotten some exclusive quotes from Chappers himself. Check out all the information below.

Rob Chappers:
Ben, Rabea and Dave were all members of the band Chasinjade – a progressive rock/metal band which just recently broke up. 
In the same way that Chris Cornell joined with Rage to form Audioslave… I am bringing my raw voice and bluesy guitar feel into their tight, technical, progressive rock landscape and together we create something a bit different. It’s not metal but it’s definitely brutal, it’s not blues/rock but it’s definitely soulful… lot’s of dynamics, varied tones and interesting twists that don’t lead the listener away from enjoying a good song.
It’s very exciting… I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been in a band with guys who could really push me technically, which is a nice feeling.
We have an interesting plan for this year, basically we will be writing and releasing a new single, with music video every two to three months.”
Chappers has also stated that the band plans on touring next year.
From the music I’m hearing in the below video, I’m definitely intrigued. As solid and an amazing of a player Rob is, that bass lick that starts around 1:10 has me hooked. There is definitely a very Tool and Karnivool-esque feel to the music.
Check out Dorje online:
Make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Rob here.
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