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Hydrophobia Developer’s Fate Looks A Little Murky



I don’t mean to bring your day down, since I’m sure a majority of you are busy with Silent Hill: Downpour, or today’s releases that include Operation Raccoon City and the Silent Hill HD Collection, but I have some sad news. According to GamesIndustry, Dark Energy Digital has gone under administration, with one of the likely causes being the lukewarm reception of their recent Adventure Horror game Hydrophobia. Critic reviews were polarized, with most of them leaning toward the negative side. We didn’t review it, but after playing about an hour of the original (it was later re-released as Hydrophobia Prophecy for the PSN) I wasn’t terribly impressed.

Hydrophobia suffers from Alone in the Dark syndrome, in that it did something incredibly well — in this case, a stunning water physics engine — while everything else fell flat. Now, Manchester-based Dark Energy Digital looks to be closing its doors. What this means for the Hydrophobia IP is unknown, but it doesn’t look good. It always sucks when we lose a talented developer, but I hope the team finds a new home so they can continue giving us new and interesting games. Toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting


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