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A Morsel of New Images from ‘The Pack’



A bunch of super old pics have surfaced, along with two new looks at the French creature feature The Pack (La Meute). I’m growing more and more concerned that this fick is going to be a disappointment. IFC is buying up everything and they’ve yet to snag this sucker — and they purchased that piece of crap The Horde. What gives? While driving through a northern rural wasteland, Charlotte picks up Max, a hitchhiker. They stop in a truck-stop restaurant run by a woman named Spack. When Max disappears in the bar, Charlotte decides to investigate and things take a turn for the worse. Charlotte finds herself in Spack’s gruesome human farm, with other prisoners, semi-alive or dead, reared for their blood to feed Spack’s “kids”- a pack of blood thirsty ghouls, who come out of the earth each night to be fed fresh human blood.
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