SD Comic-Con '10: Adam Green - 'Hatchet 2 Is Pure, 100% Me' - Bloody Disgusting
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SD Comic-Con ’10: Adam Green – ‘Hatchet 2 Is Pure, 100% Me’



Talking exclusively to Bloody Disgusting following his epic, WAYYY unrated panel (featuring EIGHT deaths!), Adam Green promised that Hatchet 2 is 100% un-compromised (and that includes going out unrated!). “I had complete creative control this time. You notice that my name is above the title now – that’s not a ‘status’ thing. It’s the fact that nobody said anything; I had no script notes, no cast notes, no anything. Everyone was involved, but I had final say. This movie is pure, 100% me, and that was something I couldn’t pass up. Everything else I do is not really like that. So this was a good opportunity – the movie itself is exactly what I wanted it to be.” Green also promises that we will be seeing a teaser trailer very soon, and that both 3 and 4 are still in the cards. Look for the full interview later this week!


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