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Bear Sees Red in ‘Red Machine’ Sales Art!



Saw V director David Hackl looks for horror redemption as he’ll be getting behind the camera for Jack Reher’s spec script Red Machine, a new survival horror that will do for camping what Jaws did for swimming. The story follows two estranged brothers who go on a camping trip and are continuously attacked by an erratic bear that has lost its fear of humans. Bloody Disgusting got an exclusive first look at the blood red sales art! Dig on it below. Hackl served as the production designer on the second, third and fourth Saw movies. He also worked as the second unit director on Saw III, Saw IV and Repo! The Genetic Opera. Hackl is also attached to direct an adaptation of Vince Churchill’s novel The Butcher Bride, which is currently in development, and was also written by Reher.
Red Machine


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