Theatrical Poster Premiere for 'And Soon the Darkness'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Theatrical Poster Premiere for ‘And Soon the Darkness’!



Anchor Bay will be bringing two horror hotties back to theaters on December 17 with And Soon the Darkness, Marcos Efron’s remake that stars both Amber Heard (Zombieland, Mandy Lane, The Stepfather, The Ward) and Odette Yustman (Cloverfield, The Unborn). Bloody Disgusting got the first look at the official theatrical poster for the thriller that’s set in Argentina, and tells the story of two American girls on a bike-riding trip in a remote part of the country. When one of them goes missing, the other must find her before darkness falls and her worst fears are realized. The original was set in France and tackled the idea of how vulnerable a stranger in a strange land can be. The film will be on DVD and Blu-ray December 28th.
And Soon the Darkness


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