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‘The Loved Ones’ Lends Itself to Prequel Possibilities



While a US distributor has yet to take on the incredible Aussie thriller, director Sean Byrne tells What’s Playing that he’d be keen to continue the demented adventures of Princess, the sadistic schoolgirl (played by Robin McLeavy) at the center of The Loved Ones (review). The next film won’t pick up where this one left off, though. “It lends itself more to a prequel. I’ve actually got 12 pages of back-story so… watch this space.” Speaking of that US release, here’s the reason for the holdup: It’s all about figuring out whether it will “get a wide release or a small boutique release. As you know, it’s got commercial qualities but it’s also a very subversive take on the genre… but it will be coming out in theaters one way or the other.” Whatever he decides, we win. You guys are gonna dig this little flick. I promise!

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