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Awesome Tyler Stout ‘The Thing’ Handbill Set Now On Sale



Tyler Stout is easily one of my favorite poster artists, consistently churning out ace work – he currently covers a good bit of wall space at my house – for some of the best classic and contemporary films around, as well as concert ads. One of the best posters he’s ever created is for John Carpenter’s The Thing, which ran as part of the Alamo Drafthouse’s Big Screen Classics series a few years back. Not only does he manage to cram the entire now-legendary ensemble cast onto the sheet, but he also captures the cold, bleak tone of the film with multiple variations of blue hues, and shows the contrast of outer space and the small, isolated research facility by using the settings as the header and footer. Occasionally, Stout will send out handbills with poster orders and this morning, he surprised blog readers by putting some for The Thing and The Big Lebowski on sale. His poster for the sci-fi horror classic goes for upwards of $600 on eBay, so for those who have always wanted one to hang on their wall, this is the next best thing. For $35 plus $5 shipping, you get a set of 15 handbills stamped and initialed by Stout. You can order the set here, and if history is any indication of how long these will be available before they sell out, I would guess the end of today, maybe tomorrow – his entire stock is completely depleted in minutes 99% of the time. Read on to check out the sweet set, and get ready to be $40 poorer.
Thing Handbill


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