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Eli Roth, ‘Last Exorcism’ Team Hunt ‘Psycho Killer’



The Last Exorcism creators Eli Roth, Eric Newman and Paris-based StudioCanal, are re-teaming on a genre follow-up, suspense pic Psycho Killer, written by Seven scribe Andrew Kevin Walker (first announced here on BD back in March ’09). Killer marks the directorial debut of genre pic producer Gavin Polone (who replaces Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst), producer of Zombieland. The slasher will turn on a nameless, masked murderer who leaves a trail of victims across the U.S. In a chance encounter on the plains of Nebraska, he kills a highway patrolman. The only witness to the crime, the patrolman’s young wife, a fellow officer, sets out to hunt the killer down, as the psycho killer plans his masterpiece: a mass murder which guarantees him a triumphant entry into hell. According to Polone, the first 20% of the film accompanies the serial killer. The film then follows the paths of psycho and officer until they converge. It will go into production in late spring, shooting in Michigan.


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