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Looks Like We Won’t See A Low Budget Emmerich Film After All…



Only a week before shooting was about to begin, Roland Emmerich’s 5 million entry into the over-crowded found footage genre, The Zone, has been unceremoniously shut down, with no official reason given. But with the glut of found footage AND alien films (not to mention Area 51 and Apollo 18, which are both), I would guess someone involved realized that the only reason to see a Roland Emmerich movie is to see an entire city or two get destroyed, and you can’t do that with 5 million bucks (unless it’s like, Methuen, Massachusetts. I bet someone could destroy that on-screen for 5 million). So we’ll just have to settle for one of the other 47 found footage movies that are coming, I guess. Fear not, Emmerich fans – his next film, Anonymous, is a dramatic thriller about Shakespeare. Seriously. And that one’s already in post. Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the heads up.


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