Gary Tunnicliffe Confirms 'Piranha' Sequel Will Be Shot in REAL 3-D! - Bloody Disgusting
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Gary Tunnicliffe Confirms ‘Piranha’ Sequel Will Be Shot in REAL 3-D!



During our conversation with Gary Tunnicliffe at the opening of the ‘Scream 4’ art exhibit at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA over the weekend, the in-demand special effects makeup artist, who will lend his talents to the recently-announced Piranha sequel, Piranha 3DD, told B-D that the film will indeed be shot in REAL 3-D! He also indicated that if you thought the first film was over-the-top, you ain’t seen nothing yet. See inside for what he had to say about the John Gulager-directed follow-up, which the Weinsteins are rushing into production for a hoped-for August 2011 release.
My chat with Gary Tunnicliffe on Saturday at Hyaena Gallery resulted in a host of goodies, including confirmation from the fast-talking Brit that the upcoming Piranha sequel, on which he’ll be taking on special effects makeup duties, will be shot in REAL 3-D (as opposed to being post-converted like the first film). It appears that Mr. Disgusting’s pleas have been answered!

Yeah“, said Tunnicliffe in response to my question about whether the film would be shot using 3-D cameras. “I think John [Gulager]’s actually at Panasonic this weekend, doing a 3-D tour.

And if topping the blood ‘n’ boobs content of the first film will certainly be hard, Tunnicliffe indicated Gulager and his team are up for the challenge.

They’re gonna go for it“, he told me excitedly. “It’s gonna be blood and tits ahoy, certainly…trust me, I think this will leave the first one, in terms of blood and sex, in its wake, from what I’ve already heard. I was on the phone a couple times going, ‘oh, my god’.

Are you happy now, James Cameron?


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