The $1,300 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition Comes With Leon's Jacket, But Really, Can You Put A Price On Style? - Bloody Disgusting
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The $1,300 Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition Comes With Leon’s Jacket, But Really, Can You Put A Price On Style?



Apparently you can, because this brings with it one of the most outrageous price tags I’ve seen on a collector’s edition. You’ll need to drop 105,000 Yen, or $1,300 on the Resident Evil 6 Premium Edition, but it’ll come with Leon’s jacket, and that’s easily worth donating a few unnecessary body parts to your local black market. Now, this isn’t the fur-lined jacket he wore — fabulously, I might add — in Resident Evil 4.. Now Leon’s sporting a badass biker jacket, a jacket that instantly transforms its wearer into the type of man the president’s daughter swoons over, the type of man who cuts down hundreds of zombies without loosening a single hair from his altar boy haircut, the type of man who has a vast arsenal of witty one-liners cocked and ready for use at all times. The collection also includes four exclusive tablet covers, featuring Chris, Leon, Jake Muller (Wesker’s son), and a secret character.

Oh, and you’ll also get the game, but really, who cares about that? You’ll be far too busy basking in the warm glow of your friends’ admiration to actually play the game. If you feel like wasting a ton of money on something you could buy pretty much anywhere, I suggest you find something better to spend it on. Like anything. Seriously, anything.

Resident Evil 6 releases on October 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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