[Top 10] A Week Of DeadHeads' 'Songs In The Key Of (A)pocalypse' - Ellie - Bloody Disgusting
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[Top 10] A Week Of DeadHeads’ ‘Songs In The Key Of (A)pocalypse’ – Ellie




It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the final DeadHeads‘ character Top 10 song list. But I can definitely say we’re going out with a bang! After the jump you can check out the ‘Top 10 Songs I’d Kick Zombie Ass To’ list from Ellie (played by Natalie Victoria), the love interest of DeadHeads!
If you’re in the LA area, you can check out DeadHeads at Screamfest LA this Sunday at 3pm PST. All information, including ticket ordering, is available here.

ll buono, il cattivo, il brutto” Main Theme (The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly) by Ennio Morricone
The song is epic. These are epic times. Do what has to be done. Zombies beware!
Tick Tick Boom” – The Black and White Album by The Hives
For those massive scale zombie hoard attacks. You are gonna need a good jam to blow some brains, plus the beats are great for timing grenades you may decide to launch. 
Dragula” from the MATRIX Soundtrack by Rob Zombie
Cuz I could pretend I was as badass as Trinity while kicking zombie’s brains in with my stiletto boots and 44 magnum. 
It’s Like That” from Discover More Album by Run-D.M.C. 
Cuz it is LIKE that and that’s the way it is! 
Pork & Beans” from the Red Album by Weezer
Say no to Zombie Conformity – sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do (even though you are probably going to be eating a lot of canned beans!)
Move Along” – from Move Along Album by the All American Rejects
Everyone needs a little push when things get rough. So when you get injured and the zombie hoards are surrounding you, pop this in – get up – and move along.  And fast…. 
Livin on a Prayer” – Slippery When Wet Special Edition Album by Bon Jovi
If I ever fell in love with a zombie during a zombie apocalypse, I think all we’d have to live on would be a prayer! 
Moves Like Jagger” from Hands All Over Album by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera
It’s a fun poppy song, and let’s be honest – you need all the moves you can get to stay light on your feet with zombies about. 
The Kiss” – from the Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack by Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones
Everyone needs a reason to live & keep on going, and somehow this song reminds you of just that when you need it. 
Main Theme from Once Upon a Time in the West Movie Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone
When it’s all said and done, and you are the last one standing – you are going to need a good tune as you watch the sun come up and remember those that didn’t make it. 
Natalie Victoria On-Line:


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