[Top 10] A Week Of DeadHeads' 'Songs In The Key Of (A)pocalypse' - McDinkle - Bloody Disgusting
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[Top 10] A Week Of DeadHeads’ ‘Songs In The Key Of (A)pocalypse’ – McDinkle




BD Music is excited to kick off a week of Top 10’s from the characters of DeadHeads, the zombie movie that is winning one festival award after another! We start the week with Zombie Killer McDinkle (played by Ben Webster) sharing the songs he’d kill a zombie horde to!

Directed by the Pierce Bros. and starring Michael McKiddy, Ross Kidder, Markus Taylor, Thomas Galasso, Natalie Victoria, Ben Webster, Greg Dow, and Eden Malyn, DeadHeads is a hilariously terrifying zombie road trip full of romance, comedy and some good ole’ fashioned gore!
If you’re in the LA area, you can check out DeadHeads at Screamfest LA this Sunday at 3pm PST. All information, including ticket ordering, is available here.


Songs In The Key Of (A)apocalypse:
McDinkle – Zombie Killer
1.) The Emergency Broadcast SystemVarious Artists
This tune sets the tone and vice versa. Sure it’ll be the “Hey Ya!” of the Zombie Apocalypse, but you’ll miss it when it’s gone.
2.) Song 2blur
This songs is like sex made love to a car crash and then got shot out of a canon. It’ll make you want to shave your head and aim for others’. Plus any song used to market Starship Troopers is fucking harsh.
3.) Search and DestroyIggy and the Stooges
The title is meat and potatoes. The guitar is as ruthless as you need to be. If you can’t get behind the lyrics; “I’m a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm…” then you’re already dead.
4.) Bulls on ParadeRage Against the Machine
The undead are a slow stampede of rotting meat. This song provides you the fuel to tenderize them. As an added bonus the chorus reminds you what your pockets should be filled with at all times.
5.) Nice ShotFilter
This song is slow distortion followed by noise and screams. This is your world now. It ends with “Nice Shot”… pray your days echo it.
6.) Head Like a HoleNine Inch Nails
Pulsating and angry. Zombies provide the head, you provide the hole (it sounds wrong, but it’s right.)
7.) You’re the Best AroundJoe Esposito
Because even if you are the last human being left, thus making the song’s title true… it’s still nice to have assurance.
8.) GoodbyeAlan Silvestri (off the Predator OST)
For the fallen.
9.) 9th SymphonyBeethoven
This is murder with strings. A perfect example of what’s at stake and what humanity stands to lose… plus it’s great for a little of the old ultra-violence.
10.) The EndThe Doors
Martin Sheen used this song to kill Marlon Brando… Zombies should be a cake walk.

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