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Videos: Super Bizarre Viral Feature ‘In the Woods: Pathway’ Loaded with Stars



In the Woods: Pathway is a walk into the unknown. No one knows what the film is about, not even the people in the film. A glimpse into the labyrinthine minds of the subjects, where pathways always recede and no one really knows where it’s going.

The experience delves deep into the unexpected with Terrence Howard, Dave Matthews, Will Shortz, Ahmir `Questlove’ Thompson, Famke Janssen, Moby, Temple Grandin, Debra Winger, Rufus Wainwright, Jorgen Leth, Gale Harold, Rosie Perez, Alan Cumming, Kent Cullers, Karen Black and Will Oldham with original vocalizations by Yoko Ono. This is the first time Yoko Ono has done a film score.

The journey will unfold over time. The messages will become clear to the informed viewer.

Our first portal into this world is an interactive online experience pushing the limits of the website medium and film storytelling in unexplored directions. New pathways will appear that lead to plot twists and peculiar interactivity, providing pieces and clues and advancing meaning.

A game has already begun.

Yoko Ono reveals Clue Number One on the website via a Twitter feed entitled “I did something I’ve never done before…“.

Will Shortz reveals Clue Number Two on, leading you into the woods to find a hidden-puzzle; the answer will open future pathways.

Encoded “pieces” that provoke mental and emotional game progression can be found online.
This unprecedented online journey will unleash an episodic film experience. The delivery will be as unconventional as the experience itself.

A film experience by Jennifer Elster, inside you’ll find two clips (one exclusive), along with the trailer. Seriously, WTF?


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