Viral Video for 'Limitless' Exposes NZT Side Effects - Bloody Disgusting
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Viral Video for ‘Limitless’ Exposes NZT Side Effects



Even before Relativity Media releases a trailer, the studio is going viral for Neil Burger’s upcoming thriller Limitless (formerly The Dark Fields) with a faux infomercial for a drug called “NZT”. The drug promises limitless potential, but the side effects are off the charts, which begs the following questions: what moron would take it? This thought already has me questioning the entire plot of the film, which arrives in theaters March 18. The story follows a down-and-out writer (Bradley Cooper) who gets his hands on a top-secret pharmaceutical drug that makes one smarter. He experiences sudden financial and social success but soon discovers that the drug has lethal and lasting side effects, including “trip-switching,” a phenomenon in which time moves with a stop-motion quality. Before long, mysterious antagonists are pursuing him. The only way this is going to work is if the public is unaware of the side effects, even though the viral suggests otherwise. Robert De Niro also stars.


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