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‘Frankenstein’s Army’ Hasn’t Eaten These Brains (Or Hobbits) Yet



I know Dark Sky’s Frankenstein’s Army is a film that a lot of you are anticipating, and if you’re hard up enough to want to see brainy prop corpse from the film then you’re in luck! And if you’ve got a thing for Hobbit feet – stick around! We don’t really cover the latter film on this site but consider it a bonus in the video below.

Twitch reports in with a video featuring Rogier Samuels, who is the senior prosthetics technician on Army as well as the upcoming The Hobbit. Samuels was interviewed on Dutch television and, “as he wasn’t allowed to show any props from ‘The Hobbit’ he showed a few from “Frankenstein’s Army” instead. The interview primarily covered Rogier moving to New Zealand for six months with his whole family, but there were plenty of things mentioned about the two projects he’s currently working on.

The interview is the first five minutes of the clip below. There is some behind-the-scenes footage from ‘The Hobbit’ where Rogier tells about the dwarf make-up: each of the thirteen dwarfs has their own masks and feet, parts of which have to be remade anew every day… and then he uses a corpse from ‘Frankenstein’s Army’ to demonstrate which new materials are used today. He also said that such a detailed prop could take as much as a month to build.

Head inside for to take a look at the corpse and check out the video.


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