Sundance '11 REVIEW: Kevin Smith's 'Red State' is "Dull" - Bloody Disgusting
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Sundance ’11 REVIEW: Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ is “Dull”



I wanted to start unrolling Ryan Daley’s Sundance Film Festival reviews tomorrow, but you guys have been clamoring for Bloody Disgusting’s official stance on Kevin Smith’s Red State. And for those of you expecting a biased review from a Smith hater, let it be known that Daley is a huge fan.

‘Red State’ isn`t particularly fun to watch with a group. In fact, it`s not particularly fun at all. Perhaps if the horror aspects had been more prominent, instead of repeatedly shoved to the background in favor of heavy wads of dialogue, Smith would have had a future cult hit on his hands.

To read Daley’s entire review all you have to do is click the title above. Watch for all of the reviews in the coming days, but until then catch up on all of our Sundance coverage.

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