After Dark Originals '11 Review: 'Prowl' and 'Husk' - Bloody Disgusting
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After Dark Originals ’11 Review: ‘Prowl’ and ‘Husk’



5 of the After Dark Originals have just hit limited theaters across the country and David Harley has reviews of two of them for you. He found both the quasi-vampire flick Prowl and the killer scarecrow movie Husk disappointing.

‘Prowl’ definitely succeeds in the gore department, offering up buckets of the gooey red stuff during almost every minute of the final hour, but little else is there for viewers to sink their teeth into.

‘Husk’ does nothing to break the streak of bad scarecrow flicks we’ve had for the past thirty years, and insists that you be completely brain dead to not notice the gaping plot holes that drive the story forward.

You can read both reviews in their entirety by clicking the titles above. Don’t forget to check back this weekend to write your own.


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