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Short: Get Ready For ‘The Underpass’



My favorite part of any horror film festival is usually the block of short films. Not that they’re all great, but in two hours or less you get to see little slices of horror from around the world, and if one’s bad, another will be along shortly (unlike the features, where a bad film means you go out for coffee). Thus, I dig hearing about new shorts that are heading our way, such as The Underpass, which is currently in post production and should be completed in Spring 2011.

Shot in London late last year, the short was directed by Jacob Proctor, features cinematography by Trevor Speed (The Scar Crow) and boasts special FX by Tristan Versluis, who has worked on everything from Hot Fuzz to Sweeney Todd to the latest Harry Potter film. Starring Magda Rodriguez, Ewan Borthwick and Glenda Robinson, the film tells the story of a supernatural creature who lays a trap for unsuspecting passers by, luring them in to feed its hunger.

Check out some stills below!

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