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Artist Gris Grimly Responds to Exciting ‘Pinocchio’ Announcement



Last week news spread like wildfire that widely popular artists Gris Grimly, along with Mark Gustafson, would finally be getting behind the camera for their stop-motion adaptation of Grimly’s Pinocchio. Plenty of cheesy “nose growing” puns ensued.

The truth of the matter is that Grimly has been working diligently for years on the project, alongside producer Guillermo del Toro, and believes that the hard work will come into fruition this coming summer.

The humble Grimly, who’s the founder of Mad Creator Productions, took to his official blog to respond to the announcement. He walks us through the day he met Del Toro, how he got connected to the Jim Henson Company, and why it has taken years to get off the ground.

When Pinocchio gets greenlit, Mark and I will go to Europe to direct it and Guillermo will work on his own projects (Haunted Mansion, Mountains of Madness…etc). Pinocchio is not waiting for anything and will go into production immediately. We are thinking this could happen this summer.

Click here for all of Grimly’s blog, or here for more details on the project.

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