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Spoilery Fourth Clip from ‘Scream 4’



MTV aired a new clip from Wes Craven’s Scream 4 that features Ghostface’s revealing his “new movie” while also spoiling a character’s death (well, if you look up who plays her on IMDB).

Don’t forget to check out the first three clips from Dimension Films’ hotly anticipated sequel arriving in theaters April 15.

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courtney Cox), who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) and her Aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell). Unfortunately Sidney’s appearance also brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger.

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