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Breaking: Bloody-Disgusting to Produce ‘Ghostbusters III’!



We’re tired of waiting around.

After Roger Michell signed Bill Murray to appear in his FDR film Hyde Park On The Hudson, all signs pointed to Ghosbusters III being dead for good. But there’s more to the story than previously reported – Murray only signed on to the FDR movie because Sony’s rights for Ghostbusters III had expired, with the license being transferred to Bloody Disgusting Selects, days before the FDR story broke!

That’s right folks, Ghostbusters III is a go and it will be B-D Selects’ first original production!
As B-D editor-in-chief Brad Miska (Mr. Disgusting) explains, “Sony had to officially begin production on a new Ghostbusters film by the end of February 2011, or else they would lose the rights to the series. And as we know, Bill [Murray] still hadn’t even read the script by then, so they had no choice but to auction off the rights last week.” Despite an obvious high interest in the franchise, the auction was reportedly quite lackluster, with only feeble offers coming in from the other major studios. Warner Bros reportedly offered a lowly ten grand for full control of the series, while Universal offered even less (in the neighborhood of five thousand dollars) but also offered Sony the exclusive rights to Judd Apatow. Says one insider, “Without Murray, why bother? The series is worthless without him.” But Miska disagreed, and ultimately came through with the highest offer, a whopping 41,000 dollars. “Although,” Miska added, “We let them keep ‘Ghostbusters II.’

Unfortunately as Selects is a smaller outfit, there isn’t a lot of room in the budget for a big name cast, as Miska says they’d rather put the money toward FX and paying Chris Brown (son of Bobby) to do a new theme song, tentatively titled “[Ghost] Bust Your Face.” Therefore, Miska himself will take on the role of Peter Venkman, with fellow B-D staffers Ryan Daley, BC, and Chris Eggertsen in the roles of Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Walter Peck, respectively. Tex Massacre (Tim Anderson) will cameo as Louis, and Blueteamno (Tom Owen) will provide the voice of Slimer.

Ernie Hudson will reprise his role as Winston Zeddemore.

Miska has also secured the original firehouse and car (“Not that UFO looking thing from part II!” he promises), and New York mayor Lenny Clotch has offered his full blessing to the production, telling the crew that they can shoot wherever they like, for free, albeit with one caveat: “Don’t end the movie with the goddamn Statue Of Liberty walking around like Godzilla.” The script is being kept under wraps, but B-D can reveal exclusively that the villain will be, quote, “Yet another inter-dimensional ghoul trying to destroy the world.

Filming begins today, April 1st.