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Trailer, Premiere Date for Zombie Musical ‘The Dead Inside’!



The Dead Inside is a musical journey about ghosts, zombies and the artistic soul.

We’ve always been fans of filmmaker Travis Betz, who delivered the awesome Joshua, alongside the bizarre micro-budget demon love story Lo. Now, he’s switching gears once again with a horror-musical entitled The Dead Inside, which features music by Betz and Joel Van Vliet. Sarah Lassez and Dustin Fasching star.

The pic will premiere at the United Film Festival Los Angeles Wednesday, May 4th at 9:30pm at the Los Feliz 3 Cinemas.

‘The Dead Inside’ is a story that explores the dark side of inspiration. Wes and Fi are lovers whose creative muses have all but vanished from their lives. When Fi begins to show signs of schizophrenia, Wes does everything in his power to help her get better…that is until Fi’s true affliction decides to introduce itself to both Wes and the world. Fighting against her possession, they rediscover inspiration in the grimmest corners of their situation. Their muse has returned, killing Fi from the inside and haunting Wes with each passing breath.

The film will contain ten musical numbers composed by the brilliant Joel Van Vliet, and will star Sarah Lassez (Mad Cow Girl, Lo) and Dustin Fasching (Onsie, The Break Dance Kid). Shannon Hourigan (Bartokular, Black String Theory) is our all powerful cinematographer.

Visit the film’s official website for more. Trailer debut inside!


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