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Wes Craven on the Future Of ‘Scream’



It’s not news that Kevin Williamson had written Scream 4 as the beginning of a new trilogy, with plans already sketched out for the next two films. But after seeing the latest entry, I’m left scratching my head as to where they could go with it. I really hope this new cycle doesn’t burn itself out as quickly as the last one; there was nothing left to poke fun at by the time Scream 3 rolled around.

Wes Craven recently sat down and revealed some non-news about the continuation of the franchise – if it’s even fast-tracked given the poor reception of Scream 4which you can find past the break due to spoilers.
Given the secretive nature of Scream 4‘s storyline, don’t expect anyone to give away any huge plot points this time around either – also, it hasn’t been confirmed that it’s completely written yet either, so presumably no one even knows at this point. Craven tossed this nugget of info out there during a recent junket, which everyone who saw the latest entry will respond to with a resounding, “Well… duh.”

I imagine the core characters will continue. I suspect they’ll be with us until the end, because they just are the heart and soul of the movie and especially since we tend to kill off most of the other people. They’ll be with us. There will be some continuation of the drama of Sidney Prescott’s family and the ghosts that haunt it.


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