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More on Those ‘Scream 4’ Changes…



Leading up to its April 15 release, Dimension Films had director Wes Craven retooling his Scream 4. Going through various rewrites and additional photography, there was a lot that didn’t make it to theaters (as displayed in various imagery and trailers).

Inside you’ll find a list of changes from our scooper who attended the first ever test screening. While there’s no too much to report, many of the sequences were there hanging right in front of our faces….
The only glaring differences in the two films were the parking garage scene and the crime scene at the girls’ home that died in the opening scene.

The parking garage scene was noticeably extended. In the cut we saw in the screening Sid’s publicist is chased down in the parking garage after the call and killed. (We saw all these shots in the theatrical cut.) Therefore the entire sequence in her car were added later, I presume.

The second is the scene that takes place after Dewey answers to dispatch call to the girls’ home. (The girls killed in the opening scene.) There is a very grisly scene in the living room, with one girl dangling from the ceiling fan and “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie” written in blood over the mantle. This scene wasn’t too long, but it was very good for establishing purposes, not sure why it got the cut. (Ha, see what I did there? ;))

Also, the opening scene was almost entirely different. Marnie’s death was completely chopped up. There is an extension of the scene where she has a conversation with Ghostface before dying.

After two weeks of release, the film has only pulled in $31m domestically. With a reported budget of $40m, this is a fairly weak opening for such a beloved horror franchise. It could also be the dagger in its coffin…

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