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Random Awesome: ‘Alien’ Wedding Cake, Cats and ‘Scream 4’ Gore



While 99% of my time is spent finding and reporting horror news, occasionally I’ll come across something genre related that I can’t wait to share with you dear readers. (Or sometimes what I find isn’t really “news worthy,” but cool nonetheless.) Such the case with these little nuggets of awesome. (All four of these news bites feature video or images, so you’ll be checking inside for the goods.)

The coolest thing I came across this week is an “H.R. Giger/Alien” wedding cake from Jet City Cakes in Kirkland, WA. It’s bursting with delightfulness! Though, when looking at it, I just can’t help but think of the dancing alien in Spaceballs

Here’s a segue for yah: Speaking of Alien, something incredibly stupid, but going viral, is footage from a horror fan who filmed his cat watching the Alien franchise. The video’s creator describes the cat as “enjoying” the films, but this cat looks freaked the f*ck out.

The boys over at Figure reports that Diamond Select Toys has announced the upcoming release of two new Ghostbusters statues. The first is 100 feet of angry marshmallow shrunk down to a more manageable collectible size of 7-inches. The “Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Statue” will include a light-up feature to add a pleasing glow to your collection at night. Look it this July priced at SRP of $69.99. Joining “Stay-Puft” in October will be a 7″ “Statue of Liberty.” This iconic symbol of freedom and “Ghostbusters II” ghoul-stomping vehicle also lights-up and will retail for a SRP of $69.99. But seriously, who wants to remember that? “Higher and highhhhhherrrrr.”

Another fun news brief are a slew of new never-before-seen photos from Scream 4, which come courtesy of Scream-Trilogy. They declare the images as “stunning”, I’d say they’re more intriguing (especially the pic of Sidney in the wake of a bloody massacre).

Scream 4

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