Eli Craig Talks Possible 'Tucker & Dale' Sequel and Next Potential Project: A Horror-Comedy Taking on the "Devil Child Genre" - Bloody Disgusting
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Eli Craig Talks Possible ‘Tucker & Dale’ Sequel and Next Potential Project: A Horror-Comedy Taking on the “Devil Child Genre”



During my one-on-one sit-down interview today with Tucker & Dale vs. Evil director Eli Craig at Comic-Con – where he’s promoting the upcoming September 30th release of the hick-tastic horror/comedy – he opened up a bit about his future in the horror genre now that his beloved pet project will finally be seeing the light of day (thanks to indie genre distributor Magnet).

On a possible Tucker & Dale sequel: “You know, I’ve kinda learned the hard way to not talk too much about sequels…[and] I don’t wanna get too promotional about a second movie, but we do have a treatment,” said Craig. “Mainly the reason is because Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are just so much fun to work with. They played off each other so well. They feel like a comedy duo…[like a] Nick Frost/Simon Pegg kind of duo. And I don’t even know. I really wanna put them in a movie again. I mean, I just can’t imagine a better working situation. So that’s where the sequel comes from, and if it’s another ‘Tucker & Dale’ that’s great. I feel like they’re quality characters I’d like to breathe life into again. But if it were them in another movie, that’s a possibility too.

On his possible next project, which he’s currently writing the script for: “Well, I’m working on another horror/comedy,” he told me. “We’ll see how this one goes over! But I can’t help but take a stab at the whole ‘devil child’ genre. ‘The Omen’, and…I love killer children! I don’t know what it is!…People are probably gonna think I’m crazy, but I wanna make a comedy out of that! [Laughs]…I’ve seen ‘The Omen’ a bunch too, right? And ‘The Exorcist’, which to me is probably the greatest horror film of all time still. But I think there’s a lot of comedy in there if you play it right. You know, you have like some like some demented-looking baby…’oh, you have a dermatitis problem, sweetie, let’s just cover up your skin!’ You know, and you have this overly doting, loving mother, that just tries to compensate for their evil son, you know?” [Laughs]

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