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BD Review: Latest Found ‘Evidence’ Fails to Scare



Howie Askins’s Evidence has been getting quite a bit of hype over the past six months, leaving other horror sites raving about the story following a documentary crew being stalked by a mysterious figure. We had to see what all the big words were about, which is why David Harley tracked down a screener. His thoughts?

There’s a good idea or two at play in ‘Evidence’ but the level of imagination McCoy and Haskin hopes their audience will have in order to lose themselves in some very unconvincing and poorly orchestrated high-stakes sequences ceased to exist around the time people stopped buying into McCarthyism. If anything, ‘Evidence’ makes you appreciate the “less is more” approach of found-footage brethren ‘The Blair Witch Project’ and ‘Paranormal Activity’ better; at least they don’t have end credits that would throw Gaspar Noe into an epileptic fit.

You can read Harley’s negative review by clicking the title above.

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