New 'Friday The 13th' Box Set Coming This October - Bloody Disgusting
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New ‘Friday The 13th’ Box Set Coming This October



When Paramount started releasing Blu-ray and DVD “Deluxe Editions” of Friday The 13th and its sequels, fans were both elated and somewhat disgruntled. In 2004, they released what should have been the box set to end all box sets, but instead failed to include a lot of bonus materials that WE KNEW existed – some of these supplemental materials ended up on the reissues. The studio only released the first three films on Blu-ray, but continued their series on DVD. Now, they’re releasing a new box set on October 4th including all of the deluxe editions, a hockey mask and an eight-page booklet. Oh, and it’s limited to 50,000 copies worldwide.

I’m sorry, but it’s 2011: this should be available on Blu-ray, too. A hockey mask replica and an eight-page book? Seriously Paramount, those are your selling points? What Jason mega-fan doesn’t own a hockey mask or Peter Bracke’s Crystal Lake Memories already?

You know what would be great, though? Uncut, remastered editions of the first eight films on both formats.


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