Damon Dons Exoskeleton In 'Elysium' Set Pics - Bloody Disgusting
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Damon Dons Exoskeleton In ‘Elysium’ Set Pics



Before District 9 came out, Neill Blomkamp was mainly recognized as “that guy who almost made Halo.” Here we are two years later, with one of the best sci-fi films of the last decade under his belt and Elysium undergoing production right now.

With the cast Blomkamp assembled and the amount of goodwill he’s built up, I imagine a lot of crew members and “passersby” will conveniently have cameras on them, especially since the plot is still vague and hush-hush. Case in point: these photos of a bald and bloodied Matt Damon wearing an exoskeletal apparatus of some sort.

Not much is known about the film, other than it being set in the far future on another planet where it’s rumored that humans and aliens are battling for the right to colonize, so it’s hard to guess what’s going on in these pics. The gear looks like it might be a brace or life support system (they are colonizing another planet…), or maybe it’s the remnants of a bigger suit that was damaged in battle. Whatever it is, we’ll find out on March 01, 2013.


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