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Official: Universal Acquires’ ‘Phasma Ex Machina’ Remake Rights



Although we already reported some of this months ago, we were asked to remove the story as the deal was far from complete. Deadline is reporting that Universal has now officially acquired remake rights to the awesome Phasma ex Machina, the small independent feature directing debut by Matt Osterman that was the toast of the genre film festival circuit.

The studio acquired the project as a pitch for a horror movie called Our House, and the studio has attached Gary Shore to direct the remake and Nathan Parker to write it.

Phasma ex Machina, which was retitled Ghost From the Machine when it was acquired by Screen Media and released on DVD and VOD, “ponders the grey area between life and death and how science can bridge the two. The protagonist is a young man who is raising his little brother after their parents die in a car crash. His desire to bring them back prompts him to invent a machine designed to be a conduit to the grey beyond, and his success proves dangerous to himself and everyone around him.

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