Release Date Shifts: 'Amityville Tapes', 'Piranha 3DD' and 'Lone Ranger' - Bloody Disgusting
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Release Date Shifts: ‘Amityville Tapes’, ‘Piranha 3DD’ and ‘Lone Ranger’



I’ve been emailing Dimension for weeks asking about the release dates for two of their upcoming horror films. We finally now learned that both have been bumped to a disgusting TBD. You’ll have to wait until an undetermined 2012 to see both John Gulagar’s Piranha 3DD and Casey La Scala and Daniel Farrands The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes.

Piranha 3DD, which takes to a water park for the chaos, was supposed to arrive in theaters November 23rd of this year, while Amityville Horror, the official sequel, was to haunt cinemas in January.

In other news, Buena Vista has settled on May 31, 2013 for their big screen Lone Ranger, which stars Johnny Depp as Tonto, with Armie Hammer as the title character. The pic tells the tale of Native American shape-shifters that turn into Lycanthropes.


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