Warner Bros. Heads to 'The Twilight Zone' With.....!!!!!! - Bloody Disgusting
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Warner Bros. Heads to ‘The Twilight Zone’ With…..!!!!!!



I am out of my mind excited. Literally, out of my mind. Variety broke the news this morning that Cloverfield and Let Me In director (and Steven Spielberg protege) Matt Reeves will be getting behind the camera for Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Twilight Zone!!!

While the ’83 version had four directors, this project will feature a single storyline and one director. Rand Ravich and Jason Rothenberg penned the script, and while plot details are under wraps, sources say the film would be a single storyline that touches on several themes from the Rod Sterling TV show that ran from 1959-1964.

What do you guys think of this choice? Are you already drinking celebratory champagne like I am?


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