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Screamfest Horror Film Festival Winners



The Screamfest Horror Film Festival is now completed bringing a whopping 10 days of horror to a close. The festival shared some incredible films with the Hollywood crowd, along with quite a few stinkers. Some of the most talked about films ranged from Rites of Spring to The Innkeepers, Rabies, Madison County and of course Livid. The harsh words came out for flicks like Sector 7, Rosewood Lane, Stormhouse and Vamperifica.

The awards ceremony was held Saturday night and was privvy to a slew of surprise victories that had the room in chatter. Nicholas Humphries’ gorgeous “The Little Mermaid” was the winner of BEST SHORT. The Kickstarter-funded The Tunnel won BEST SFX (Sam Loxton & David Sander). Jeff Grace won BEST MUSICAL SCORE for his work on Ti West’s The Innkeepers. Crawl was the most buzzed-about feature winning BEST DIRECTOR (Paul China), BEST ACTRESS (Georgina Haig) and BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Brian J. Breheny). The overrated Urban Explorer rounded out the awards taking home BEST EDITING (Andy Fetcher), BEST MAKEUP (Waldemar Pokromski) BEST ACTOR (Klaus Stiglmeier) and BEST PICTURE.

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