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AFM ’11: ‘Truth or Dare’ Warns That “You’re Next”



First announced back in March was Corona Pictures’ teen horror thriller Truth Or Dare, which we just landed the AFM sales art for. My guess is our leading lady, who’s about to pop out of her dress, had a bad spin…

Robert Heath, who made the 2010 political drama Sus, directed the thriller “about five teenage friends who are taken hostage by a psychopath and forced to play a deadly spin-the-bottle party game.” The script has been written by Matthew McGuchan.

The cast includes a crop of upcoming young British actors including David Oakes (Pillars of the Earth), Jennie Jacques (Cherry Tree Lane), Liam Boyle (Awaydays), Jack Gordon (Fish Tank) and Alexander Vlahos (The Indian Doctor).

Get the long synopsis inside. Five teenage friends are taken hostage by a vengeful psychopath and forced to play a party game with life-or-death consequences.

An end-of-year party for an ‘alpha’ group of first year university students turns nasty when a game of ‘truth or dare’ ends in humiliation for ultra-rich social misfit Felix. For five students at the gathering, this unpleasant but seemingly minor incident will have unexpectedly devastating repercussions.

Some months later, the friends meet again en route to a surprise party for Felix, who has been away traveling. Arriving at the venue – an old hunting lodge – they are met by Justin, Felix’s charismatic older brother, who explains that Felix will be late for the party. He persuades the gang to join him in getting drunk in his sibling’s absence, but psychopathic rage bubbles beneath Justin’s charming exterior, and the real reason for the gathering is revealed: Felix has committed suicide, and Justin is determined to find out why.

Anger explodes into violence as Justin overpowers his guests and a brutal and grueling game of ‘truth or dare’ ensues. Justin’s army training and sociopathic tendencies have equipped him well for the task of torturing his victims until he gets an answer and as the terrified hostages are questioned one by one, cracks appear as the friends turn against each other in desperation.

Their only hope is to work together and turn the tables on their assailant, even if they must risk their lives in the process. The scene is set for a shocking denouement as secrets are revealed on both sides and the tables are turned in a blood-soaked final confrontation…

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