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Reboot Will Show the Creation of ‘RoboCop’!




Sure he’s a robotic police officer, but Officer Alex J. Murphy is still part of the machine making RoboCop a Cronenberg-esque “Frankenstein” tale. It deserves to be, and will be covered here on Bloody Disgusting.

Elite Squad‘s José Padilha is directing the modern day reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic, and explains to CS that the redo will play like a procedural thriller explaining the actual assembly of RoboCop.

I can tell you this: In the first ‘RoboCop’ when Alex Murphy is shot, gunned down, then you see some hospitals and stuff and then you cut to him as RoboCop. My movie is between those two cuts. How do you make RoboCop? How do you slowly bring a guy to be a robot? How do you actually take humanity out of someone and how do you program a brain, so to speak, and how does that affect an individual?

Pretty cool stuff if MGM ever gets it off the ground.

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