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[Short Film] Watch the International Film Festival Hit ‘Year Zero’!



Year Zero

Having made the festival rounds this year (Tribeca, 24FPS, New York International Latino, Anchorage International), Bloody Disgusting is excited to share with you an exclusive look at Richard Cunningham III’s full-length short film Year Zero. Cunningham III directed, wrote, produced, composed, starred in, and even animated the short that features the voices of Pat Rigby, Tim Brennan, Marie-Pierre Beausejour and Bridget Carroll.

While NYC burns outside, a loner remains trapped in his apartment no less by fear of the Apocalypse, than by the two zombies pounding at his door.

After he exhausts his food rations and nearly dies, he must soon decide to confront the horrors of a world void of humanity, or stick with his plan to wait for military rescue.

A feature script is in the works taking place in the streets of NYC, after the events of the short.

Check out the official Facebook or Twitter for more, with a Webcomic also available.

Year Zero

Year Zero

Year Zero


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