Vin Diesel Looks Like Riddick in 'Riddick' - Bloody Disgusting
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Vin Diesel Looks Like Riddick in ‘Riddick’



With Riddick back in production some steady news is starting to emerge from the set. David Twohy is currently directing the Vin Diesel starrer which recently resumed production after taking a two-month hiatus to deal with production cost issues.

Most recently Vin posted a pic of himself in character on his Facebook page, most likely giving the unit publicist a heart attack.

With the Fast And The Furious franchise at a commercial peak, it looks like Diesel is able to get passion projects off the ground. This includes big budget sequels to films that didn’t do that great at the box office to begin with.

We know that Katee Sackhoff plays Dahl, a Nordic mercenary tracking Riddick. We also know that Jordi Malla plays Santana, a mercenary who heads up an eight-man crew tasked with finding and killing Riddick. Nolan Funk‘s role remains a mystery.

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