Let's Hope Ehren Kruger Doesn't Write The Yetis Out Of 'Matterhorn'! - Bloody Disgusting
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Let’s Hope Ehren Kruger Doesn’t Write The Yetis Out Of ‘Matterhorn’!



Last month we reported that Brian Beletic, a hotshot commercials director, was going to be making his feature helming debut on Matterhorn (previously titled The Hill).

At the time, Jason Dean Hall was penning the project. But now it appears as though Ehren Kruger (Transformers 2, Scream 3) has been brought on to either revise or rewrite Hall’s original draft. It’s also worth noting that this project might get another title change. Since they’re now just referring to it as Untitled Mountain Adventure Movie or something (there’s several variations on this in the articles headline and content).

Per The Hollywood Reporter, “High-flying scribe Ehren Kruger has been tapped to work on Disney’s untitled explorers movie project… The project formerly was associated with the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland but its scope has since been broadened. The story centers on five young adventure seekers — an action sports guy, travel guide, cartographer, archeologist and escape artist — who venture into the Alps for mysterious reasons and face Yetis that guard a secret.

We were previously told the project had a supernatural bent. No word yet on if Kruger’s involvement means that it will be brought up in the first act and then dropped like a hot potato.


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