Official Music Video For 'V/H/S' Credit Theme "They Come To Get Us" - Bloody Disgusting
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Official Music Video For ‘V/H/S’ Credit Theme “They Come To Get Us”



As we previously stated, those of you keeping up with V/H/S now know that one of the main goals of the experimental project was for it to be F/U/N. This bled into conversations about the film’s conclusion and how to play out the credits.

While most found footage films end with a lame “fade to black” and no credits, we opted to rock out with some jams ’80s style. The fact of the matter is, we’re not trying to fool you, every viewer knows it’s NOT real. You know?

The idea was to end the film on a high note and have the viewer walk out of the theater with a hop in their step. This is why we chose The Death Set‘s “They Come To Get Us” (purchase) as our end credit theme.

Now it’s time to rock out to the song’s official music video; with a Back to the Future inspired intro, follow The Death Set through the streets of New York with an army of pop culture surrealism in tow…

You can also read Bloody’s own Jon Barkan’s interview with Johnny Siera of the Aussie punk rock band over at BD’s Music Section. You can purchase the sucker over at iTunes.


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