Graham King And Tobey Maguire To Bring You '5th Wave' - Bloody Disgusting
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Graham King And Tobey Maguire To Bring You ‘5th Wave’



Producer Graham King‘s GK Films is partnering with Tobey Magure (so far wearing only the a producing hat and not an acting one) to bring you 5th Wave, based on the as-yet unreleased novel by Rick Yancy.

Per Deadline, “Graham King’s GK Films has acquired the film rights to 5th Wave, a young adult sci-fi suspense thriller with a love story at its center. Novel was sold as a partial to Putnam, which just sold German rights. King and Tim Headington will produce with Tobey Maguire.

In the film, “When the human race is on the verge of extinction, one of the last survivors on earth, an extraordinary young woman, goes on a mission to track down her younger brother who was abducted by the extra-terrestial creatures colonizing earth. She is forced to align herself with a young man who holds a secret. Together they are they only ones to save mankind.

Sony is expected to distribute. Hey, whatever happened to Maguire’s Robotech?


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