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HD Trailer, Poster & Wicked Hi-Res Images From Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’



Dark Shadows

Tim Burton’s vampire version of Austin Powers?

With the HD version of the trailer arriving this afternoon being uploaded as we speak (still), right now international press has landed 30 hi-res images from Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, which can all be enjoyed by clicking any pictorial on display.

We’ve also just added the official one-sheet and proper version of the trailer, both of which are a bit hokey. I’m nervous that the film is trickling into “pop culture” territory with their (near) modern-day comedy. This could go very badly…

The original Gothic soap opera was a highly atmospheric, spooky soap that featured gothic horror staples like vampires, monsters, witches, werewolves, ghosts and zombies.

In theaters May 11 “The story focuses on Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp), who was transformed into a vampire by a jilted lover (Eva Green’s witch Angelique) way back in the 1700s and buried. He’s just been dug up, and attempts to reintegrate with his descendants, led by Michelle Pfeiffer’s Elizabeth and Jonny Lee Miller’s Roger – despite the fact that Angelique is still around and still not in a forgiving mood.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows


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