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[ROFL] ‘Leprechaun’ Star Warwick Davis Pitches Johnny Depp ‘Lep vs. Pirates’!



It always happens. When a classic franchise gets the reboot, the actors who portray the iconic characters always cry foul and pitch “their idea” for a sequel. Warwick Davis, join the club.

Davis, who starred in all 6 original Leprechaun films, took to Facebook for a live chat to promote the original six films’ re-release through Charter Communication’s On Demand and digital download. There he complained about the reboot, while also offering his idea for a new sequel (starring him, of course). Yes, it would star Johnny Depp, doubly of course…

I pitched the ‘Lep vs. Pirates’ idea to Johnny Depp while we were shooting ‘Life’s Too Short’,” Davis explained. “He didn’t say much. There is so much potential for the character. I think a road movie would be fun. The Lep is best when encountering different types of people. I’d also like to see a female Leprechaun – she’s even meaner though and makes the original leprechaun seem soft. I’d love to play her too!

Can you imagine being Johnny Depp and having Davis “pitch” you a new Leprechaun movie? I love the franchise, don’t get me wrong, but can we all agree someone’s a bit delusional?

For more laughs, Davis compares Leprechaun to Alfred Hitchock’s Psycho when speaking on the forthcoming remake.

I think it would be a shame to remake the original ‘Leprechaun’ film. It is a cult classic. It should not be touched in the same way the[y] should not have remade ‘Psycho’. I think there is a lot more to explore with the character, so that should be done with a sequel.

A sequel starring Johnny Depp! Woot!

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