Hannover House Meets Eight Foot Tall 'Primates' - Bloody Disgusting
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Hannover House Meets Eight Foot Tall ‘Primates’



Hannover House has acquired the exclusive, worldwide production rights to Primate, a sci-fi thriller about a cryptozoological creature that terrorizes a team of Bigfoot researchers. The property was written by Andrew Sands (Airspeed, Beyond Loch Ness) and is planned for a USA production in September.

Although story and plot details have been intentionally quarantined, Hannover House reports that Primate suggests that the creatures may be part of a surviving tribe of Gigantopithecus hominoids. This early primate, currently known only through fossil findings, towered over 8-feet in height, and has been pegged as a possible identity for the legendary Bigfoot sightings.

Interest in Bigfoot and the field of cryptozoology has exploded in recent years, due in part to the successful Animal Planet cable series “Finding Bigfoot” as well as features such as the Hannover House video hit, Boggy Creek: The Legend is True. The Hannover House video, directed by Brian T. Jaynes (Humans Vs. Zombies) has exploded into a major sell-thru video hit, and has stimulated the company’s interest in similarly themed films.


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