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‘Bloodloss’ A Vampire Flick Filmed In Real Fang Subculture



Management-production companies Caliber Media Co and Benderspink have teamed with Simplicity Media to launch an experimental feature film and social media project Deadline reports that the plan with Bloodloss is to stage a full-scale production within the modern-day subculture of “sanguine vampires”, a close-knit community with a spiritual obsession to drink human blood to maintain physical health. The feature narrative will be constructed from pseudo-documentary scenes using a combination of actors and true participants in this lifestyle (both human vampires and their blood donors) shot in real vampire-fetish nightclubs.

A social media campaign of status updates, blog entries, and video posts will allow viewers to receive daily updates on Bloodloss, while being directly engaged with each character and their experience in this dark world.

‘Bloodloss’ focuses on a documentary television producer as she investigates her sister’s sudden disappearance into an underground culture of self-proclaimed “vampires” in Los Angeles. As she discovers how these people actually live, their world of sex and drugs is beyond any addiction she has ever experienced.

Casting is underway, and a director will be set shortly.

Caliber-repped scribe Jason Dolan conceived the current version of the project with the producers and did a page-one rewrite to the original script by Jeffery Potts.


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