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German Doctor Responds To ‘Human Centipede’ “Threats”



Human Centipede

This morning Human Centipede producer Ilona Six emailed me a statement that they’d be suing franchise star Dieter Laser for allegedly backing out of his obligations for the forthcoming The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence), which was to shoot this May here in the States.

Website Screen Read called Laser and was able to get a reciprocal statement. It’s as follows:

It’s very simple: I loved the story when it was told, got the contract and the promise to have the script in 4 to 6 weeks. When it arrived – half a year later and only after the official announcement – I didn’t like the realization at all, couldn’t identify with the character the way it was written and developed immediately and enthusiastically in a day and night marathon a version full of concrete and practical suggestions which would enable me to play the lead full throttle – same procedure as with Dr. Heiter – but this time it also would have had some unavoidable effects to the dramatic structure. That was too much for Tom and since he couldn’t live with my suggestions and I as a method actor couldn’t identify with his version, I told him that I couldn’t see any other way than that he would have to ‘change horses’. That’s it.

Laser and Laurence R. Harvey were both announced to be returning in starring roles March 2. Laser played the evil German surgeon “Dr. Heiter” in First Sequence, while Harvey played the creepy “Martin” – a man obsessed with Six’s first film – in the sequel Full Sequence. Franchise director Tom Six will play an unknown supporting role in what they’re calling “100% politically incorrect.” Six recently revealed that he’s working on a 500-person centipede.


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