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[Novel Review] Fractured Time – A Quick Read



Fractured Time is a concept novel. Much like a concept car; it is riveting in theory, but much different in reality. This story has all the right elements: a captivating plot, three-dimensional characters, a noticeable storyline with a clear 3-arc structure, and conflict to draw in the readers. But what is this quick read missing? The help of a professional editor and the perks that come with respected and old-fashioned print publishing houses. But this novel contains an idea, one that can’t be dreamt by anyone but Alan Draven. Read on for the skinny…

fracturedtime Author: Alan Draven
Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books

Fractured Time is a story about Donovan Vicar, a ‘feeler.’ He can sense the intentions, whether good or bad, from those around him and these senses begins to affect the way he lives his own life. One night a predominantly evil man crosses his path, to which he chooses to follow into the night. Vicar winds up 50 years in the past and must deal with the time shift and his emotional responses to those around him; will he make it back to his time? What repercussions will his power have on the 16th century?

This is Alan Draven’s second novel after Bitternest, which was released in 2007. He is an author published online through various small presses and Amazon, and in several magazines and anthologies. Like most in this day and age, he takes advantage of the unmonitored Internet to put his name and work out into the world and to gather a following of supporters. While publishing houses begin to go extinct and the written word becomes less desirable than the online, this version of publishing becomes more popular. But there is something majestic about being chosen by a publisher and assigned to an editor for your novel to be worked on and sold in stores around the world. Fractured Time is a piece that was released to early. The ideas and the design are apparent, but the work as a whole could stand to be refined just a few more times. It takes careful time to distil a work of art.

But this is not to say that Alan Draven and this interesting read do not deserve appraisal, it takes time to learn how to edit, but one can’t grow an imagination. His inspiring idea of a ‘feeler’, an individual whom experiences the characteristics of those around him, is quite new. It is reminiscent of an Empath, a being belonging to the Star Trek universe, in such a way that he himself feels what others are inherently like. Donovan Vicar is the type of character that makes you want to belong in the author’s world.

This read is recommended for those who want to escape into a simpler time, and for those who don’t want to spend hours reading a book.

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